Monday, March 26, 2012


"You're all sure about this?" President Santorum asked his legal advisers.

Most of his legal staff had previous experience in the previous Bush administration. A few went back to Reagan. What they were saying was both exciting and terrifying. They were opening the door to a rapid rollback of four years of errors, but the chaos that would ensue could very well consume the next year.

"Yes we are Mr President."

Rick sat back and thought for a few minutes, digesting what he'd been told.

"But we need to get the commission's report first? We need the smoking gun before we can do this?" he asked at last.

"Not really, but we'll have fewer political battles if we get the evidence we need first."

"God help us," Rick said, "If we can prove his presidency invalid then every bill he signed is up for grabs. I'll have a retroactive veto over his entire administration."

"That's correct sir."

Rick had taken his oath of office less than a week before, but he already saw a long slog ahead to unravel the misdeeds of the past. Business curtailed by absurd "environmental" regulations and treaties, a health care system in chaos, a sagging economy that had been left to fester and die for four years, and those were the good parts.

"The treaties will be the worst to fix," President Santorum said. "Especially that missile defense disaster." Rick thought with horror at how badly Obama had mangled the US in that regard. President Putin had run roughshod over the eunuch.

"In order to proceed, Mr President, we need proof of where he was really born. The current lack of evidence of a Hawaii birth isn't enough."

"But his father," Rick began.

"Too murky an issue. It's clear the Founding Fathers would have found him ineligible, but there's enough political will and money in the Democratic party's coffers to make the legal battle eat up your first term. It makes more sense to bide our time."

"The law is clear," Rick said.

"But the political battle over if the 14th Amendment applies the way Democrats SAY it applies would be a long one. They have a lot of case law with activist judges helping illegal immigrants on their side. We're talking about the founding lie behind anchor babies and there are still a lot of judges who believe it. They can keep this burning through the appeals process until your children are retired if they want to."

Rick's VP interrupted, "Oh well, now we have the Senate and the House. We can start rolling the half-breed's laws back like there's no tomorrow. We'd all like to make it like he never happened, but if we need to wait, do the smart thing and hold that in reserve, then we can rip out RomBama care right now."

Rick smiled. "Thank you Sarah, you're right. The people have given us the power to do what we need to do. We have at least two years with no real Democratic opposition. They can make a mess in the courts, for now, but they can't stop us form reverting every bad law Obama signed."

The VP's eyes twinkled. She smiled and flipped her hair, "And once we know where he was REALLY born, we can rip them the new one they deserve."

Rick smiled. Even if Orly and Joe couldn't find Obama's birthplace, Sarah was right. They had the numbers and the political capital to start now.

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